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My Maker Home: Bathroom

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Tiny bathrooms aren’t great, dated tiny bathrooms are the worst!

When we moved into our house 5 years ago the main bathroom was a dark, honey oak and beige nightmare. The vanity consumed the space and the surfaces were the color of brown that is meant to hide dirt but really just always looks dirty.

Now it is a light, bright space that feels twice as big.

The main renovation took place a few years ago. Ripping out the vanity and replacing it with something with a smaller footprint was a top priority. By installing a wall mount sink we saved so much physical space and visual weight. The plywood peg board wall looks good while functioning and is very versatile. Towel dowels are perfect for hanging, extra rolls of toilet paper can be stored on pegs, and pegged shelving and boxes provide storage without cluttering the surfaces.

We replaced the cheap brown peel and stick tile with white faux marble vinyl tile (still inexpensive). Grouting the vinyl tile really elevated the look. The floor has been in for four years and other than a few minor surface scratches looks as good as the day we installed it (a miracle for white tile in a house with two kids and three huskies)

The shower was tiny but functional...and brown. On a limited budget retiling was not an option, so I did some research and made the decision to paint it… with tile paint. Again, this was four years ago, maybe products have improved, but I would not make this choice again nor would I recommend it.

Directions were followed, curing time was allowed but unfortunately this was the result after only a few weeks of use. Luckily it hasn't gotten much worse over the years and with a shower mat in place it is hidden away, someday I will retile it but for now it’s hidden away.

A new toilet and a fresh coat of paint on the walls and the renovation was complete.

At the time the bathroom was the “master” and the bathroom for guests. The bathroom opens both to the hallway and a bedroom closet. The style was minimalistic and modern.

Rooms change, especially in this house, and now it is the kids bathroom and post pandemic will be the bathroom guests use. The switch occurred a couple years ago but the room was never updated to match the needs and style of its young and vibrant primary users.

This most recent refresh was guided by my wild children, their needs, their stuff, and their mess. Everything is accessible, organized and labeled. Two towel dowels, gentle reminders for proper hygiene, and open wire baskets allow for smooth mornings and easy bed times. The bright towels from Target bring color into the neutral space, especially when they remember to hang them up.

The shelves above the toilet were a simple build, painted plywood spans the space and is supported by strips of wood below, trimming the face of the shelf creates a finished functional spot for storage. The gray bins contain the typical bathroom clutter, bottles of lotion, hair brushes, hair products, and medicine. Labeled so they know which bin to grab and recently moved to an accessible height for them to get down themselves, they are old enough to know that medicine is for adult distribution only.

My favorite DIY of the entire project is the watercolor “So fresh and so clean clean” sign. Flexing my more refined creative muscles is always refreshing.

The final touch in all of my recent room renovations are these plate covers. We replaced the switch and outlet plates years ago with white plates but the off white switches and outlets remained, and drove me INSANE. Instead of rewiring the entire house I bought these single switch and double switch plate and outlet covers that fit over the whole shebang safely hiding the mismatched fixtures.

This once dated dingy bathroom is now bright and cheerful. It started with a complete overall four years ago and today is complete with burst of color, simple storage, and witty hygienic reminders.




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