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I’ve been carving wood for ten years, I have used King Arthur’s tools for nine. The Holey Galahad is my favorite disk to carve with, it is available in a range of coarseness so you can remove a lot or a little material in no time. The peek through windows allow you to see what you are carving and how deep you are going into the material.  This is especially helpful when carving plywood.


The Guinevere is my sanding workhorse. The available flex shaft and inflatable attachments make sanding irregular items a breeze. The scuff and buff make hand sanding nearly obsolete. Not only do i love their tools, I love their people. The Tallahassee based company is a family owned business made up of kind people ready to help.

King Arthur

The dangers in a woodshop are often pretty obvious and loud, but the threat sawdust poses on a woodworker is less noticeable and easier to ignore. Bulky masks make it even harder to protect your lungs. I found RZ masks when I realized how often I wasn't wearing a mask. RZ masks is by far the most comfortable and effective mask I have ever used. I don’t notice that I have it on.  It doesn’t fog up my glasses and it keeps all of the dust and debris out of my lungs. The mesh mask is breathable, lightweight and the filters are so easy to change. I don't even notice I have it on half the time.

RZ Masks

Workwear for women from a brand owned and run by women. This company makes high quality clothing designed and constructed to fit women.  They are specially designed for those of us who are in the trades, arts, or any work or craft where pockets are a necessity. The company supports women by encouraging them to create, excel, and share their journeys. The first day I wore my Dovetail overalls, I was building the holiday parade float for my children’s school with a group of parents. A nail shot through the panel a parent was working on and hit me in the leg. It didn’t even tear the denim of my Dovetail Workwear!


“A man is only as good as his tools” … or a woman is only as good as her tools, but not entirely. I am still making the same chair that I made six years ago with a lot fewer tools. Ancient Egyptians built incredible furniture with primitive tools and a lot of skill. That being said, tools are how we get jobs done, whether it be a hammer or a computer, a drill or a whisk, we all have tools in our trade, hobby, or passion. Here are my top ten tools that I use in my shop, some of which are indispensable. 

Woodshop Top Ten

Katie is a creative mama with a photography super power. A master of lighting, editing and staging she is my go to for product photos and woodshop action shots. Katie has the kind of personality that makes even the most awkward and anxious person (me...cough cough) relax in front of the camera. As a mother of three little kids, she has a natural way with children and is able to pull the most genuine smile from the kids she works with in family photos, milestone shots, lifestyle photography and special occasion sessions. Katie has photographed my children, my home, my work , me working, and our family in an amazingly natural lifestyle photo shoot. If you need photos done, Katie is your girl!

Katie Marie
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