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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

As a maker I am in a constant state of creativity. I live through and with my work, in and out of the shop. Our home is my ever changing canvas. No room is untouched and each space functions while representing my style. If I had to label the design style of my home it would probably be modern minimalist comfort. Simple lines, neutral palette, low clutter, but lived in, very lived in. Everything has a specific purpose. To accomplish this I have designed and customized our home’s built- in features and furnishings. To name a few: closets turned into desks, lofts for the kids, decks constructed, and bathrooms gutted. As well as custom couches, beds, storage, and tables.

Over the last five years we have transformed our house from floor to ceiling and everything in between both inside and out. Through this series of blogs I am looking forward to sharing my maker home and the projects big and small within it.

Sneak Peek Gallery

Blogs in this series:

Homeschool Corner

Montessori Maker Mama

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