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I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a woodworker, I am a woman,

I am not one without the other.

I grew up in small town Virginia, rich in history, surrounded by mountains and strong in tradition. I left Lexington to attend Marshall University as a 4th generation legacy. I stumbled upon Fine Arts as a major and discovered my love of working with my hands. I took an elective furniture class and never looked back, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Sculpture. 


My husband and I met at the university and married and welcomed our son, Jack, in 2011.  Two years later we moved to northwest Ohio. We set up a small wood shop in our rental home and my dream of building a career from home as a mother became a reality.  We welcomed our daughter, Eloise, in 2015. Fast forward a few years and I am living my dream.

Motherhood is my life force, my inspiration, and my true calling. Furniture is my passion and talent. Motherhood and woodworking are intertwined. For me one would not exist without the other.

In Loving Memory of 

Michael "Hoop" Hooper

The greatest Stepdad, Grandfather, Husband and Computer Nerd.


Life as a mother and professional woodworker is nothing short of chaos. But in that chaos, my passion for my children and my work is cultivated.

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