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Modern. Functional. Art.


Simple. Stylish. Spaces.


Handmade. Creative. Function.


At Little Bare, I create modern traditional furniture, toys and home accents made by hand in my garage wood shop. I use form and function to guide my furniture design. A variety of joinery, plywood laminations and contrasting wood tones create functional art that aims to compliment changing styles and withstand generations of use. Each piece of furniture I make, including children's furniture, is made to look at home in any room. I combine simple modern lines with traditional function to create beautiful forms with purpose. 


Utilizing every inch of  material is a critical part of my business. I maximize my cut off and have minimal waste. This is where my kids come in to play the most. I love making them toys that will survive a hurl down the steps or small furniture that will they will pass down to their children. With this method I am also able to create a variety of home accents and natural, durable toys.

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